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Here's a little bit about me.

All About Digee

Ladies, Genies, and Gentlemen. It is I, Digee The Genie!

Art by Mischa M

As you might have guessed with the URL and the headline, I am a genie. I used to be human but being honest the wherefores and for-art-thous about how that all came to be are not for a personal website.

Really, the short version is “Don’t go around rubbing strange looking lamps hoping a genie will come out of them”.

Digee’s Vital Statistics

Digee in the Daytime

Besides granting wishes (Which is a lot harder than you’d think it is. Disney sold us genies down the river pr wise!) there’s a number of things I get up to;

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A Netherlands based artist, Kim has been creating commercial art for over ten years as part of her business, “Keep in Mind”. She also publishes a weekly web-comic, Pen-I, which is all about her hometown of Nieuwegein.