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@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo ah right. Eh.. heh... (sweeps 'squirrel jokes' comments under bed).

26/09/23 10:48

@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Is this someone who dislikes the term, someone who hates Archie Sonic or what?

26/09/23 10:12

@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Half Melted Dummies

09/09/23 10:52

@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Ether a post 100 story about Robotnik trying to Blackadder his way back into world conquest or a pre-100 one where he's doing the day to day job of being a despot Ala Yes (prime)Minister

06/09/23 19:02

@mcc Windows, absolutely.

06/09/23 06:37

Football is a stupid game that is boring. The offside rule is a rule designed exclusively to make the game boring and the refs are so bent it's a mild surprise they haven't been pulled up for being harmful stereotypes.

No fucking wonder the fans have to drink themselves into a stopper to enjoy it.

03/09/23 17:12



01/09/23 06:28

@textfiles @Setsune You mean besides sitting around proclaiming "We should DO something!"

29/08/23 16:45

@failedLyndonLaRouchite @lutoma @brewsterkahle
Heres what I would do. I would-

27/08/23 06:09



24/08/23 10:22

Gonna put my stake on the ground. By the rules of JSS's nonsense, The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog should be a Game of the Year Contender but will, curiously, not be mentioned.

18/08/23 06:29

Ah Cosgrove Hall, makers of the first Nicktoon.

And if you don't believe that, you can fight me.

18/08/23 04:19

The twist being google-whacked every time you wanted information on One Piece, the- then unpopular due to 4kids having to dub it- pirate cartoon.

18/08/23 04:09

Ah wizard school can go spin.
Learned everything I know about spell slinging from five gnomes all doing their best Megumin impression and I haven't died yet!

16/08/23 11:31

Any reason to kick a piss-bucket, huh JSS?

16/08/23 09:10


A scene where all involved from writers to musicians to artists understood the brief.

16/08/23 08:43