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I'd argue if MS is gonna make a non start start menu then it has to unbind the super key to its going-on-30 year curse of being the start menu's gopher.

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@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Nout to do but wipe, flush and move on.

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@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Combat Colin but its part of a lead up to a SA2 adaptation.

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AI Tools are here to stay, like it and monitor their use calmly, or lump it and let the Sunaks of the world dictate how they're used by us and against us.

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If I want a computer, I buy a Mac. If I want a headache and an addiction to Nurofen that would vastly outstrip the cost of the Mac in the first instance, I'd buy a windows comp.

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The Great Duck Hunt!

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@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo and, hey, maybe this version of a future STC could not have shadow die three times to nurse a grudge with the fences getting new paint.

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@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Hell you can argue timey winey bollocks to fit Gerald and Maria Kintobor and such.

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@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Or make it that his flunkies are GUN aligned. Maybe they the unit GUN keeps so the UK doesn't screw everything up like it always does.

Granite: "uh found an Alien!"
GUN HQ: "That's Nice, find it over there. Away from Prison Island."

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@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo ah right. Eh.. heh... (sweeps 'squirrel jokes' comments under bed).

26/09/23 10:48

@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Is this someone who dislikes the term, someone who hates Archie Sonic or what?

26/09/23 10:12

@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Half Melted Dummies

09/09/23 10:52

@LeoJetSkiFuelnardo Ether a post 100 story about Robotnik trying to Blackadder his way back into world conquest or a pre-100 one where he's doing the day to day job of being a despot Ala Yes (prime)Minister

06/09/23 19:02

@mcc Windows, absolutely.

06/09/23 06:37

Football is a stupid game that is boring. The offside rule is a rule designed exclusively to make the game boring and the refs are so bent it's a mild surprise they haven't been pulled up for being harmful stereotypes.

No fucking wonder the fans have to drink themselves into a stopper to enjoy it.

03/09/23 17:12



01/09/23 06:28